Digital Transformation


Create your digital roadmap

Digital is impacting our lives tremendously. So every company faces the challenges of keeping up with the latest developments. New players that have the digital DNA in their core business like Google, Amazon or Facebook seem to rule the world. Even innovative ‘electronic’ companies like Apple needed to change their business model from box mover to app provider. The rules are changing and new runner-ups like Uber, Tesla, Spotify, Evernote or Airbnb are disrupting one industry after another.

It’s a question of time until every industry is disrupted. Your industry will be disrupted as well, it’s just a question of time. So start the digital transformation of your company now. We will show you how to start and transform your company step by step.

  • A. Digital Compass (DC)

    The Digital Compass is a brief and comprehensive digital market scan of your industry. What we the major companies disrupting your market and your core business. We will analyze the digital saturation, performance and initiatives of your old and new competitors, partners and industry examples. We also identify the major identification of major opportunities and threads in your industry. With this information you are ready for the Digital Transformation of your company.

    Time & Resources: Half-Day-Workshop and Interviews. Results within 3-4 weeks

    Cost: Fixed price incl. travel expenses

  • B. Digital Maturity Index (DMI)

    We developed the Digital Maturity Index as a management tool for your company to manage, measure and monitor the Digital Transformation process over the next years. The Kick-off workshop consists of the administration and preparation. We discuss the methodology, flow, processes, timing, planning and the workgroup.

    We give an Inspiration Workshops to bring together and align the internal and external stakeholders in their visions and needs. This helps to lower barriers and prejudices and makes everyone think about the opportunities and threats of social media.

    In the running project we will explore your actual status quo in sense of digitization regarding the 4 major dimensions:

    Im laufenden Projekt wird dann der aktuelle Status Quo der Digitalisierung in Bezug auf vier Dimensionen ermittelt:

    • Business Model
    • Customer Experience
    • Culture
    • Operations

    In workshops and interviews for every dimension we together will set the DMI as a status quo and define various scenarios to improve every single dimension. If your company has more than one business units we will evaluate a DMI for every unit or business.

    Time & Resources: Workshops & Interviews. Results within 8-12 weeks.

    Cost: Fixed price incl. travel expenses.

  • C. Digital Roadmap (DR)

    The Digital Roadmap project starts with an orientation workshop that onboards every the internal and external stakeholder. Based on the results of the previous projects (DC & DMI) we develop a bespoke roadmap for your individual Digital Roadmap.

    You will have a clear vision and prioritized roadmap of the objectives for the next years. The roadmap will consider e.g. the development of new products or services for dedicated customer target groups, the switch of the talent recruitment processes, the virtualization of operational processes or even evaluate investments in disruptive startups outside your core business.

    Time & Resources: Individual setup

    Cost: Individual setup

  • D. Digital Advisory (DA)

    We believe that Digital Transformation is an ongoing process that will never end. The nature of being agile and innovative claims the permanent necessity of testing, starting, stopping and evaluating. Digital has to be a company leading institution and to support this we will be your advisors for the ongoing process of becoming and living digital as a lifeline concept.

    Time & Resources: Individual setup

    Cost: Individual setup

Company Building

Build your digital powerboat

We help you building digital companies with venture capital if needed Synergate is not only a consulting firm. We see ourselves as entrepreneurs and invest in digital projects as well and push dedicated startup companies personally. Being an entrepreneur means taking risk. Being an entrepreneur means making decisions. Being an entrepreneur means believing in something new and push it to the limits. This makes our consultancy and expertise so special and unique.

Knowing what entrepreneurship is all about, our advice is always different. We don’t sell you man days. We help you transforming your business for the digital world the way we would do. We want to be part of your journey.

The digital transformation of your company might lead to a point where you have to build a new company inside or outside your traditional corporate structure. This can be a big adventure for everyone in the game and you want to lower the risk. We support you in finding the right venture partners and executive teams to run digital business. Your core company can learn from these units and see want is relevant for your core business, because a powerboat is much faster and more flexible than the big mothership.

How can we collaborate

  • Assess your go-to-market, marketing plan & challenges.
  • Gather knowledge from experts.
  • Complement & sharpen the marketing plan.
  • Introduction workshop with an overview of the latest trends in your specific industry.
Business Plan
  • Detail implementation & go-to-market, roll out plans.
  • Scenario planning and business case evaluation
  • Compose expert team for executional excellence.
  • Educate internal team on the roadmap.
  • Setup of company structure – legal, accounting, staff
  • Investor acquisition & relations
  • Interim management
  • Advisory council


If you don’t create the thing that kills your core business, someone else will!